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Sun 15 - Fri 20 November 2020 Chicago, Illinois, United States

Programming languages exist to enable programmers to develop software effectively. But programmer effectiveness depends on the usability of the languages and tools with which they develop software. The aim of this workshop is to discuss methods, metrics and techniques for evaluating the usability of languages and language tools. The supposed benefits of languages and tools cover a large space, including making programs easier to read, write, and maintain; allowing programmers to write more flexible and powerful programs; and restricting programs to make them more safe and secure.

Call for Papers

PLATEAU seeks papers from junior researchers who are interested in receiving mentoring from our panel of experts. We encourage both standard research papers and more unusual works—for instance, papers that describe works-in-progress or recently completed work, report on experiences gained, question accepted wisdom, raise challenging open problems, or propose speculative new approaches. In short, a PLATEAU submission should describe the work or perspectives on which the author wants to receive expert feedback.


Some particular areas of interest are:

  • empirical studies of programming languages

  • methodologies and philosophies behind language and tool evaluation

  • software design metrics and their relations to the underlying language

  • user studies of language features and software engineering tools

  • visual techniques for understanding programming languages

  • design of new programming languages

  • critical comparisons of programming paradigms

  • tools to support evaluating programming languages

  • psychology of programming

  • domain specific language (e.g. database languages, security/privacy languages, architecture description languages) usability and evaluation

PLATEAU is interested in a broad range of topics, and this list is not exhaustive. If you think your work might interest the PLATEAU community, please submit!